Government Technology Consultant

Government Technology Consultant Eric Koontz is a leading govtech consultant, president, and founder of SLS GovTech. Eric is a knowledgeable, experienced expert who is transforming how agencies do business today. With a focus on digital transformation, process improvement, and cutting-edge technology, I am passionate about collaboration. In addition, my govtech consulting experience and leadership are redefining success for state and local government agencies nationwide.

Moreover, as a leading government technology consulting company, we offer various services and expertise to government agencies at multiple levels. Our GovTech company works with private agencies and local and state governments. We help agencies address complex challenges, improve efficiency, and achieve policy objectives.

leading government consultant

Eric Koontz,

Government Technology Consulting | GovTech Consultant

Founder & President of SLS GovTech

Government Technology, implementation & consulting company.

Professional Digital Transformation Expert

As a consultant for government technology, my mission is to assist government agencies in achieving their objectives. Furthermore, I strive to help agencies better serve their constituents more effectively through innovative tech solutions.

Moreover, I am committed to providing expert guidance, strategic insights, and cutting-edge technology expertise.

My work involves helping government organizations navigate the complexities of the digital age. I strive to drive efficiency, transparency, and accessibility in public services. Ultimately, my goal is to enhance the lives of citizens and foster a more connected and responsive government.

A Proven Track Record

Myself and my SLS GovTech consulting team, also known as Silver Lining Solutions, has a proven track record. We have helped communities successfully implement hundreds of software programs. As top consultants in government technology, my team and I have strived to improve how government agencies operate. Digital Technology must ultimately benefit constituents and the community.

Eric and his team’s extensive experience and success in change management for government agencies have helped communities navigate the complexities of their operations. In addition, they have successfully maintained public trust and fulfilled their digital transformation missions effectively. We help agencies adapt to changing circumstances, improve service delivery, and address the evolving general and community needs.

Government Technology Consulting Skills

Project Oversight and Management

  • Certified Scrum Master Scrum Alliance January 2017
  • Certified Asset Management Auditor August 2015
  • Business Process Engineering
  • Java, JavaScript, SQL, CSS, HTML, and other programming languages
  • Change Management Consulting

GovTech Consulting Project Experience

Eric has provided leadership and technical solutions for over 150 projects in the last 14 years. The following projects are highlighted:

Boston Public Health Commission Mobility/Web CXM implementation, Boston, MA.

Sr PD responsible for overseeing the Community Development Platform Implementation for Environmental Health and Permitting services at BPHC. 

Provided project oversite, project management, end-user training, scripting, and report development, as well as solution design services.

City of Salt Lake Citywide Enterprise Service Request and Licensing Solution, UT

Additional Professional Government Services and Technology

Managed Services

Government Managed Services encompass a range of offerings designed to support and optimize government agencies’ IT infrastructure. In addition, the operation and digital initiatives see significant enhancement. These services, provided by specialized vendors or service providers, aim to enhance efficiency, security, and innovation within the public sector. Managed Services: reduce operational costs while increasing effectiveness by utilizing the SLS Professional Services and Management team. 

Enterprise Platform Development

Enterprise Platform Development creates comprehensive, scalable, and integrated software solutions. These solutions serve as the foundation for various organizational applications and services. Additionally, EI platforms centralize data, streamline processes, and facilitate communication. The technology supports multiple functions across different departments or business units. Finally, enterprise Platform Development for government agencies must have cohesive operational solutions. These digital solutions must be across all departments to provide adequate and timely service to their communities.

Electronic Document Management

Electronic Document Management (EDM) refers to organizing, storing, managing, and retrieving digital documents and files within an organization. EDM is specialized software and systems to manage electronic documents throughout their lifecycle. Moreover, electronic document management takes your community development, licensing, asset management, or any other platform to the next level. It does this by integrating your systems with the document management system of your choice. SLS will show you how.

Independent Verification & Validation

Independent Verification and Validation (IV&V) is a structured and rigorous process within software engineering and systems development. IV&V helps ensure that a product, system, or software application meets its intended specifications, requirements, and quality standards. The primary purpose is to assess the product or system’s performance independently. It also helps to ensure optimal functionality, reliability, and adherence to predefined criteria. Finally, independent verification and validation optimize your project, team, and solutions. We use years of experience to help guide, realign, and improve your success.

Document Digitation

Document digitization refers to converting physical documents to digital files. You can convert any file, record, or paper-based information to a digital format. Ultimately, the goal is to create electronic versions of documents that can easily be stored, accessed, and managed. In conclusion, computers, digital storage, and software systems utilize these digital records more efficiently. This process gives your team and community improved access to the needed data by scanning and digitizing your historical artifact.

GIS Consultation

Geographic Information System Consultation refers to the professional service of experts in GIS technology. These experienced professionals effectively assist organizations, businesses, government agencies, and individuals with geographic data. Additionally, GIS consultants offer expertise, guidance, and support in leveraging spatial data, mapping technologies, and GIS software. They help to solve spatial problems, make informed decisions, and implement location-based solutions. GIS, geographic information system (GIS) consulting should be at the heart of your enterprise solution. Adequately implemented, it will enhance every aspect of your team’s experience and your communities’ experience.

Electronic Plan Review

EPR refers to the digital process of submitting, reviewing, and managing building plans, construction documents, architectural designs, and permit applications. The process is simplified using electronic or online platforms instead of traditional paper-based methods. Today’s Smart Cities use electronic plan review. It’s improving how plan reviews are processed. It saves time, increases communication, streamlines modifications, and builds faster! SLS GovTech will help you understand your options.

Enterprise Integration

Enterprise Integration refers to connecting disparate systems, applications, databases, and technologies within an organization. EI enables seamless data, communication, and collaboration. In addition, enterprise integration aims to create a unified and cohesive IT environment. Enterprise integration allows different systems and departments to work efficiently and effectively. EI is the cutting-edge technology used by smart cities around the world. In a perfect world, your agency would use one system for all services and business functions. When this is not feasible, let SLS help you develop robust integrations and reduce the silos slowing you down.

What is a Government Technology Consultant?

A govtech consultant specializes in advising, guiding, and providing expertise to government agencies or entities in leveraging technology. Secondly, we work to achieve your agency’s objectives, streamline operations, and improve service delivery.

Key responsibilities and roles of a government technology consultant include:

Technology Strategy and Planning:

They assess the technological needs of government agencies. In addition, they develop technology strategies and outline roadmaps for implementing new systems or upgrading existing infrastructure.

GovTech Consulting Advisory Services:

Another responsibility is providing expert advice on adopting emerging technologies, best practices, and innovative solutions relevant to the public sector’s needs.

Requirement Analysis:

To begin with, they analyze the specific requirements of government clients and recommend suitable technology solutions aligned with their objectives and constraints.

Project Management:

Additionally, they oversee technology projects within government agencies, managing timelines, budgets, and resources to ensure successful implementation.

Policy & Compliance:

Another benefit is ensuring technology implementations adhere to regulatory compliance, security protocols, and government policies.

Change Management & Training:

Assisting government staff in adapting to new technologies by providing training, change management strategies, and support during the implementation phase.

Data Analysis & Reporting:

Additionally, they utilize data analysis tools and techniques to derive insights, assess performance, and make data-driven improvement recommendations.

Risk Assessment & Mitigation

Moreover, they identify potential risks associated with technology implementations and propose risk mitigation strategies to minimize disruptions or vulnerabilities.

Collaboration & Stakeholder Engagement

Finally, we collaborate with various stakeholders within government entities, build relationships, and foster cooperation for successful technology initiatives.

To Summarize, Government Technology Consulting

As government technology consultants, we use a combination of technical expertise. This expertise includes years of experience, extensive knowledge of government processes, an understanding of regulatory environments, and project management skills. These critical components are crucial in guiding government agencies through technology-related challenges. In addition, it enables them to make informed decisions, leverage modern solutions, and improve services for citizens.

My Mission in Data Governance Consulting

“As a GovTech Consultant, I empower agencies and public sector entities with transformative technological solutions and strategic guidance. In addition, I help foster innovation, efficiency, and reliability within government operations by leveraging cutting-edge technology. I’m committed to assisting government agencies in navigating complex technological landscapes, facilitating seamless digital transformations, and enhancing citizen-centric services. Furthermore, I work to drive impactful change through collaborative govtech consulting partnerships, expertise-driven solutions, and ethical practices. Finally, I focus on ensuring that technology serves the betterment of communities and the effective governance of our society.”

My Mission as a Government Contract Consultant

“Government Technology Consultanting | Innovating Governance, Empowering Communities.”